About me


I am a documentary and fiction film director by education at the university, I completed refresher courses in fashion photography, studio lighting, shooting outdoor, children's photography, wedding photography and others. I have a lot of experience in shooting in different countries, in the studio and outdoor, I have been doing photography for 8 years. Photography is my life and passion, I love different genres, I like to photograph with natural and artificial lighting, with hard and soft light, I like working with children and adults, with professional models and people without photoshoot experience. I always have a lot of new ideas for photoshoot, I do each of my photo sessions professionally and creatively.


Since I was a kid, I dreamed of my long-lived hobby becoming a career. I kept on seeking inspiration and new ideas while working hard on my professional growth and development. One day, I realised this being a never ending process that is crucial to the journey of any photographer. My camera is a tool that helps me see the world in a different light, capturing the fleeting moments that would otherwise remain unnoticeable. It allows me to catch those moments and safe them from fading away.