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Novikova Photography Production

Welcome to Novikova Photography Production, professional photography services in London. We specialise in professional photography for life and business, personality and social media, our team always has fresh ideas for your photoshoots, whatever your goals.

Novikova Photography Production in London


Explore a wide range of photography services tailored to meet your unique needs, personal or business. Individual photoshoots for people and real life, stunning portraits, seductive boudoir pictures, events, kids parties, life style and studio family photography, perfect wedding's photos. Working and promoting stills for your business and job, fashion photoshoots, lookbooks, catalogues, editorials for magazines, headshots and corporate photography, conferences, exhibitions, content photography for social media, we offer a diverse range of options to capture your most important goals.

 Maternity - Novikova

During your maternity session, I strive to capture the essence of this extraordinary connection. The tender moments, the anticipation, and the overwhelming love are all artfully preserved through my lens


Commercial photography - Novikova

Elevate your brand and showcase your products or services with my exceptional commercial photography solutions. I specialize in creating striking visual content that grabs attention and communicates your brand's message effectively.

Content creation - Novikova

Unleash the Power of Professional Photo Service to Create Engaging and Memorable Visual Storytelling that Captivates Your Audience and Elevates Your Brand to New Heights.

Love story photography - Novikova

Embark on a Visual Journey of Love: Let Me Capture Your Unique Love Story through Thoughtful and Intimate Moments.

Fashion photography - Novikova

Step into the world of style and glamour with my exceptional fashion photography services. I specialize in creating stunning visuals that bring fashion to life, capturing the essence of your designs and the unique personalities of models.

Family photography - Novikova

Celebrate the love and bond of your family with my heartfelt family photography services. I specialize in capturing beautiful moments that reflect the joy, connection, and unique dynamics within your family.

Wedding photography - Novikova

Capture the magic and romance of your special day with my exquisite wedding photography services. I am dedicated to preserving every precious moment, from joyful smiles to heartfelt vows, creating a visual narrative that beautifully tells your love story.

Model Tests - Novikova

Unlock your full potential and fine-tune your skills with our exceptional Model Tests service. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your modeling journey, I offer a range of tests designed to refine your portfolio and showcase your versatility.

Parties photography - Novikova

Preserve Precious Moments with My Exceptional Party Photo Service. I'll document the laughter, joy, and unforgettable memories, ensuring your celebration lives on forever. Let's create lasting images together.

Event photography - Novikova

Capture the essence and excitement of your special events with my dynamic event photography services. I excel at documenting the key moments and emotions that make your event memorable.

Personal brand photography - Novikova

Elevate your personal brand and make a lasting impression with my personalized branding photography services. I specialize in capturing authentic and impactful images that reflect your unique personality, values, and professional identity.

Headshot photography - Novikova

Elevate your professional image and make a lasting impression with my exceptional headshot photography services. I specialize in creating impactful and authentic headshots that capture your unique personality and professional essence.


When you choose our professional photography services, you will receive exceptional results that boost your visual content and meet your specific needs.


Booking your photography session has never been easier. I strive to provide a seamless and hassle-free booking experience for your convenience.


With years of experience in the field, I bring a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to ensure top-notch photography outcomes.


With years of experience in the field, I bring a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to ensure top-notch photography outcomes.


I offer flexible scheduling options, including weekdays, evenings, and weekends, to accommodate your busy schedule. Choose a time that works best for you.


My name is Julia Novikova, I. live in London and I'm a photographer. I've been passionate about photography since I was a child, when I first started experimenting with my parents' old film cameras. I was always drawn to the world of photography and its ability to capture moments of beauty and emotion. I started out simply taking pictures of my friends and family and progressed to shooting landscapes and trips. As I grew older, I began to take my craft more seriously, studying the fundamentals of photography and learning to use more advanced equipment.

Julia Novikova


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